Pizza Dough

Partner with Custom Foods, Inc. on a Dough Formulation to Improve Your Bottom Line

Reduce Labor Costs
Fewer Kitchen Hours

Improve Product Consistency
Made the same way every time… with stringent QA guidelines

Reduce Equipment Overhead
Purchase, Repair and Maintenance Costs

Simplify Back-of-House Operations
Simplified Product Ordering and Inventory
Simplified and Streamlined Product Prep
Improved Kitchen Cleanliness

Cost/ROI Analysis

Customized Frozen Pizza Dough Balls Produced by Custom Foods is A Proven Labor Saver!  And We’ll Match Your House-Made Formula to Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Number of Pizzas DailyApproximate Labor Hours SavedNet Savings:
COGS Increase ($12/hr)

Depending on your sales volume you can save $15 – $45 per day by switching to frozen dough pizza dough balls.

R&D Lab Staffed with dozens of years of baking expertise

Stringent QA Capabilities including Level 2 SQF certification

Centralized Location minimizes freight costs and improves delivery times

Fully Automated Production Lines produce the following products:

Frozen Pizza Dough: oz. – 40 oz.

Frozen Par-Baked Pizzas: 6” and 11.5” diameter

Self-Rising Frozen Pizza Crusts: 11.5” diameter

Frozen Bread in both Roll and Breadstick Format: oz. – 9 oz.

Frozen Cookie Pucks: oz. – 4 oz.

Frozen Cookie Cakes (perfect for pizza restaurants): 10 oz. – 28 oz.

Pizza Dough
Custom Manufactured Pizza Dough

Custom Foods works with small to large chains, utilizing truckload pricing. We are confident that you will find our service, reliability, and value to be unprecedented. Contact us today to learn more about our services. Call us at 913-585-1900,

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