We Call it Founder’s Pride for a good reason.

Our brand is based on four key factors:

Quality: Our facility is SQF certified and Kosher certified. 

Consistency: Our house-developed formula combined with consistency of process delivers you the same great performing and tasting product every time.

Cost-effective: Great taste doesn’t have to be expensive; we can help you grow your bottom line.

Convenience: You can count on us to be there when needed – Midwest location, centralized US, close to supply chain, ease of shipping/distribution, etc.

in addition to creating customized brands and products for large retailers and distributors – Custom Foods also has its’ own brand named Founder’s Pride. Founder’s Pride products include pizza (various formats including frozen dough balls, raw hot-pressed crusts and par-baked crusts), bread, tortillas and cookies.

Founder’s Pride is also a leader in the plant-based protein segment with emphasis on products that feature Hemp Protein. Current products that feature Hemp protein include pizzas, cookies and pop-able protein bites.

Founder’s Pride is a great solution for broadline distributors looking to stock great everyday items for their up-and-down the street business.

Whether you offer Founder’s Pride products direct to consumers via retail outlets or prepare our products behind the scenes in your deli, bakery, restaurant or kitchen – you can rest assured that taste and value are both found in Founder’s Pride products.