About Us

Our recently expanded, Level 2 SQF certified facility and our around-the-clock production team make Custom Foods a leader in frozen dough manufacturing. We offer clients a wide variety of products, including pizza doughs, bread doughs, cookie doughs and more. Our R&D team will create customized products to meet your specifications.

We take pride in a strong work ethic, a clean state-of-the-art production facility, delicious products and excellent customer service. We also believe in creating a quality culture for our employees.

Best of all, at Custom Foods, we do all the hard work. You get all the credit. That’s what we call the perfect partnership!

A Dedication to Quality

Custom Foods is a Level 2 SQF Facility. We also participate in numerous 3rd party audits performed on a regular basis.

For quality assurance purposes, Custom Foods bakes-off, using your baking procedures, every dough batch. This means that, at a minimum, every order, and usually multiple times per order, your dough is tested prior to shipping.