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Our Facilities

Custom Foods produces the highest-quality frozen bakery products using high speed manufacturing processes under strict standards. Our manufacturing facility was specially designed for manufacturing frozen bakery products.

Our Building

Our operation has received a "Superior"- the highest possible rating for food safety and sanitation - from the American Institute of Baking every year since opening. We also meet and exceed USDA guidelines and feature the following:

    • Entire production area is temperature controlled
    • Expandable building to handle increased capacity
    • Minimum ceiling height of 22 feet
    • All metal framing with dryvit exterior
    • Secure building with alarms systems and cameras throughout
    • Multiple docks for quick loading and unloading
    • Central U.S. location with easy on/off access to major interstates

Our Equipment


  • Horizontal, high-speed mixers
  • Automatic water loading with temperature control
  • Automatic bowl temperature control
  • Automatic drying material "bulk" handling


  • Product capability of 1.0 to 30 oz. at up to 32,000 pcs./hr.


  • Spiral conveyor
  • Central ammonia refrigeration system
  • Capable of freezing 6,000 lbs./hr.
  • Fixtures and plans in place to increase freezing capacities


  • Capable of packaging by count, weight or both
  • Includes automatic case erector and sealer, batch code printer, metal detector and pallet wrapper
  • Accommodates a wide variety of case sizes
  • Cases are palletized in the freezer to minimize exposure

Storage Freezer

  • Temperature monitoring with alarms


  • Refrigerated docks
  • Numerous quality checks prior to shipping


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