About Us

At Custom Foods, we do all the hard work. You get all the credit. That’s what we call the perfect partnership! Custom Foods brings products to market that are consistently great tasting. Custom Food’s Frozen Dough is all you knead to keep your profits flowing. You will love the easy handling of our products, and the smell of fresh baked bread hot from the oven is an enticing invitation to customers. We offer complete support, with programs customized to serve your company’s needs in the best possible way. Every ingredient in Custom Food’s products can be traced to its source, and all of our products are packaged in eco-conscious materials, making allergen control easy for you. Frozen dough reduces allergen risks and gives you complete control over your inventory. Every year, Custom Foods receives Superior American Institute of Baking audit scores. Custom Foods welcomes numerous 3rd party audits performed annually.

In 2016 Custom Foods received the prestigious Safety Quality Food Institute (SQF) Certification. This certificate pays testimony to the care and excellence of Custom Foods food safety programs. Custom Foods meets the SQF requirements, and demonstrates due diligence, in food safety.

Custom Foods bakes off, using your baking procedures, every dough batch. This means that, at a minimum, every order, and usually multiple times per order, your dough is tested for quality using your baking process.

Custom Foods Employees